25 Ocak 2014 Cumartesi

A break for what!

It took so much time to write again! I couldn't  finish my work on Spinoza yet. After all happens in my life which may be ordinary for anyone else, but it makes me confused.
When you wish and ask for something to happen from a nuture, you should be careful. The mother nature proved to me twice, if you wish from your heard, it will give you! But i have learned again that details must be defined! 
During the days, many things happen around us, such we miss the meanings of reasons and matters. Last time i try to focus on what happened last night and how i need to understand followings, i realized that Spinoza left me alone. I couldn't  manage to lead my thoughts to analyse my feelings, beacuse my feelings do not only come from my heard, they also covered my the social prejudice!! Generic reflects of other people on similar stuation affect my believes and feelings unawares. That is the most important point how you could get rid of these prejudice while you focus on your feelings! It is hard to seperate real feelings from prejudice effect. 
For a while think of your reflects on a ordinary things happen around you! Are your reflect just based on your real feelings and thoughts or you reflect like a ordinary people at first with the whole prejudice involuntarily. 

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